hi there, you can find this here:

some downloads. far from a full collection yet, but updating more frequently now. and maybe the whole site will be improved further soon. ;)
until then, if you need some help, contact me here: contactchan (at) freemail (dot) hu

note that i can help only with hpc problems, i'm a computer expert by no means. :)
(the above is old but still valid notes)

***last update: 2 Sept 2009***

latest news:

1. here's a site I'm doing with my partner :) if you are interested in not just HPC's but HTC's and hacking-unlocking them, check it out!
2. working on some CE ROMs again!! surprise surprise! ;)

second latest news (well, getting old now): custom rom v2.0 for nec mobilepro 900c is OUT!!!
check it out HERE

if you think you feel like donating you can now do so easily, via paypal. thank you!
thanks to everyone who donated so far! :)

older news: now you can see partial results of the restructuring. there are now subpages with lots of new contents! here are the links to them.
stay tuned, there will be lots more contents, and design too finally! and maybe even more which is a secret right now.

my pages:

izemize site - the original hpc hacking site. general hpc / CE contents. has all the cool dlls and tools i've been able to find so far (note, most of them are not made by me).
also prehacked (by me) ready to install application packages!! additionally, you can get rom images, documentation, drivers and more. visit it here.

NEC MobilePro 900 / 900c support site - the name says all of it. still under development so being updated constantly. click here.

NTT DoCoMo Sigmarion III support site - same thing, just for the sig3. stay tuned. click here.

Geared 2003 packages - hosting some cool packages again. click here!