Sigmarion software 1.

this is the page to host Andreas Stürmer's sigmarion packages.

i will include his descriptions here with the downloads i'm hosting here.

German MUI package - self installer CAB with included registry fixes
(IE4 patch, translated Timezones/Schemes/Sounds, etc.).
It includes 3 different packs: complete (incl. some Tools like ClearType, wceLoad Extension and ClockConfig),
MUI only, Tools only

Some fixed and important downloadable Sigmarion III updates
- From mobilecustom. In addition a special hacked version of the latest PicselBrowser to run from
SD card!

Flashplayer 6.0 for sig3 - The CAB'bed Macromedia Flashplayer 6.0 with modified ReadMe

Access NetFront 3.3 (Trial) - without JVLite and hacked for CE 4.1 (all inclusive installer) Viewers - CAB'bed OfficeViewers (based on my package) for Windows CE 4.x

EzBackup 1.0 for StrongARM/XScale - not available anymore, rare

Netgear/Prism compatible configuration tool - works with Netgear MA701!

Some additional fonts - smaller size than under WindowsXP

Some Zero-Byte Files - these are to be copied into \Windows on a Sigmarion III
(all japanese-relevant files - IME, Japanese fonts - will be overwritten with some 0-Byte Files -
therefore there should be some more RAM after soft-resetting the Sigmarion III afterwards I think)