CD's for both 900 and 900c


both cd's are useful for the 900c. on the other hand i think the 900 (hpc2000) needs only its own cd. the full cd contents are not available here right now. but the cabs do have all the useful programs. only the cd bloat is removed.

if you're just looking for the usb drivers to sync with your desktop they are here: usb drivers

note: important!!! the 900c jetcet drivers WILL break your (usb) activesync connection! if you need activesync, use the hpc2000 ("900 cd cabs") version of jetcet instead.

list of cd stuff:

contents of the 900 (hpc2000) CD:

Ansyr Primer 3.1. - PDF reader
BFax - fax program
BUseful Backup - backup program
Citrix ICA - citrix client
Jetcet - printer drivers - read note on this page!
HPC Netprofile - IP profiles
Synchrologic - no idea what this would be for
and extra useless stuff that i again have no idea about.

contents of the 900c ( CD:

BFax - fax program, cenet version
BUseful Backup - backup program, cenet version
Jetcet - printer drivers, cenet version - do not use this if you like to sync! this will break activesync.
HPC Netprofile - IP profiles, cenet version
Synchrologic - same
and more extra stuff that doesn't seem to be useful to me.

download links:

900 cd cabs (every useful program from the cd in cab installers)

900c cd cabs (every useful program from the cd in cab installers)