hi there, this is my new version of izemize.fw.hu/hpc.php, the old site will sometimes get updated too, just much less frequently than this one!

***last update: Jan 22, 2008***

latest updates since previous update:
new sections: hpc2000 programs with recreated relocation tables for ce.net and newer devices! also, shell/gui stuff and packages to unlock devices
new special dlls: mmtimer, cemapi and its dependencies, ossvcs and chngtrk (true ppc dlls), toolhelps for cenet 4.2 and 5.0 devices. jscript and crypt32.
new drivers... new hack tools...
fixes: wceloadext downloads fixed for sig3. widcomm stack packages updated to be compatible with cenet 4.2 too.
planned: hpc2000 coredll with added stub exports. more jornada keyboard drivers that i didn't upload yet. and links to lots of stuff i have uploaded but didn't link yet. then, full cenet 4.2 and 5.0 package (all dlls etc). also maybe some hard to find apps in a new page.

history of recent updates:
new romdumper (by me) in rom page.
i finally decided to put up some interesting documents i've written recently. links to them are below the dll packages section on this page!
i put up my ROM page here as well. scroll down to find it!
and i finally uploaded special hack for opera 8.60 trial version.
opera 8.65 beta updated. also, ce5 aygshell, new app packages, sh3 gx, hpc2000 richink (relocated from rom!), and some more stuff made available.
also, the hacking tutorial should be complete soon :) and, what about a dll recreation / ce.net / ce3 rom hacking tutorial? :) - update: the rom tutorial is available in the nec 900 section, will soon put it here too.
still valid news: i updated many dll packages (almost all of them!) and ready to install (hacked) app packages. fixed many errors in notes and readmes too.
older news: uploaded my first relocated and working dumped dll!! it's in the drivers section on this page.

General instructions:
if you can read the readmes please. almost all packages have a readme included. if an app package does not, all you need to do is install the cab (if there's one - if not then acquire it from original developer), and copy the dlls, exes into the installed app's folder etc.

and now the stuff and downloads...

ppc dlls needed for getting ppc programs to work on hpc2000 or ce.net.

arm dlls basic dll package for arm devices, hpc2000 and above - the most useful dlls packaged in one single zip.
mips dlls all mips dlls and some tools for hpc2000 mips devices except some gx's (which is posted below). includes lots more dlls than ever!
mips211 dlls mips dlls for hpc pro mips devices! reading the readme is particularly useful in this case.
sh3 stuff wow sh3... for ce 2.11 sh3 hpc's. well these dlls aren't very useful but they do work (rarely). again, nice readme.
executabilitycheck for arm and mips - hpc2000 and hpc pro/ce 2.11 too!!
aygshells now contains 18 versions for arm devices! includes cenet 4.2 and 5.0 aygshell.
doclist dlls several versions of them - for arm devices
noteprj dlls again several versions, arm.
cellcore dlls there's a new one & OS versions fixed. arm only (needed for wm2003 and above)
coredll dlls dummy and real (PB) coredlls too. 10th is best for cenet devices. arm only
htmlview dlls  for arm cenet devices as they are missing a complete htmlview implementation. updated with a very well working version.
richink dlls hpc2000 for cenet devices, this is the real hpc2000 richink and its dependencies! included is inkwriter too as a bonus. recreated from rom image.
richink dlls dummy for cenet devices.. very dummy so far (thanks marxx!)
ole32 ole32 dlls, one dummy, one not.. look in cenet 4.2 dlls too.
mmtimer ce3 might help when some app needs this dependency (mmtimer.dll).
cemapi wm2003/se cemapi and its dependencies, ossvcs and chngtrk.
armothers dlls other, unsorted, but useful arm dlls
some cenet 4.2 dlls not stub dll's! they're taken out of PB 4.2 and can be used with arm cenet devices mainly.
crypt32 just crypt32.dll...
jscript just jscript.dll from IE CE 6 for cenet 4.2...
gx dlls well usually you just need the latest version of GAPI from wincesoft.de, but who knows, these dlls might be useful once. for arm and mips devices
gx dll for mips as far as i know there's no GAPI for mips hpc2000. these files should help sometimes. check out the main gx package for other mips gx dll's (didn't sort it out)
gx dlls for SH3 yes right, this works on jornada 680, 690 etc. there are three versions, last one is not so good.
mfc hpc redist hpc mfc for arm devices that don't have it in rom (many ce.net hpc's need it for running certain hpc2000 apps!!)
mfc ppc redist ppc mfc dlls for arm
toolhelp.dll ce3 version for ce.net arm devices when a program needs it (nyditot or various system tools for example)
toolhelp.dll original ce4.2 version
toolhelp.dll original ce 5.0 version
okapp to press OK in a ppc app dialog if enter or esc doesn't help. arm version. os version fixed.
aygshellsource if you want to see the source of some dummy dlls and maybe do something with it... (includes other stuff too)
mips extras1 mips. extra stuff (dlls) from be300
mips extras2  mips. extra stuff (dlls) from epods. useful to hack other ce 2.12 proprietary mips devices as well.

hacking tools

executabilitycheck for arm and mips - hpc2000 and hpc pro/ce 2.11 too!!
PEInfo for ce.net for advanced ce.net hackers... well if you're such an advanced hacker, you should be able to hack PEInfo to run but i wanted to make your life easier! ;)
dependencywalker to analyze hpc programs on your PC
phm regeditor useful regeditor with search function
tre regeditor can be used for importing reg files! HPC version no longer available from developer! arm and mips etc.
gsfinder+ this is good to hack into some restricted devices if you can run this as the shell. also lets you associate files whatnot. english version!!
wceloadextmodified some cenet core devices need this to install cabs. (install, no cpu/OS check)
wceloadextoriginal original wceloadext. for sigmarion 3 and similar devices.. if the modified one did not work.
winwatch this should've been added long ago! great to resize ppc menus and dialogs!
xscale to arm this will replace all BXxx Rx (such as BX LR) to MOVxx PC, Rx to make thumb enabled arm apps (cpu id 0x1c2, "c2 01") compatible with strongarm.


this is a new section! here is some of my stuff i've written about hacking. quite specific topics in lots of details that were undocumented before.. there will be more of these here later hopefully.
the ones already available will be updated too if needed.

1. CE rom editing about editing ce common XIP roms (ce 3.0, 4.x for now). includes rom editing tools. later i will include specific stuff for WM5/WM6 xip too.
2. reloc tutorial about recreating dll relocation tables from scratch and about dll rebasing. includes extra documents and some tools (the latter will be updated).


another new section... all about rom images :) lots of downloadable stuff. maybe some of the documents will go here too eventually.
visit it here... rom stuff page

some programs
some are pocketpc apps already hexedited and ready for installing.
  some are just useful hard to find packages/apps.
i can post only free or trial versions here for the public.

apps for arm cpu:

adobe acrobat reader 2.0 for HPC2000 arm hpc's. read the readme before installing.
adobe acrobat reader 2.0 for ce.net 4.1 devices, tested on Sigmarion III and Bsquare PHH, other ce.net devices might need additional hexediting. read the readme before installing.
adobe acrobat reader 2.0 for cenet 4.2 devices, tested on NEC 900c (finally fixed!). use this version if you prefer to use the builtin aygshell (better!) read the readme before installing.
adobe acrobat reader 2.0 for cenet 4.2 devices, tested on NEC 900c (finally fixed!). use this version if you prefer to use a dummy aygshell (not so good) read the readme before installing.
adobe acrobat reader 2.0 patch to run more than one instance of adobe.. you must still run it from separate folder but at least you can now open more pdf's with it at the same time.
macromedia flashplayer 6.0 (mainly hpc2000) with manual and an important note, you'll need to read them before installing!
macromedia flashplayer 7.0 - finally works on cenet devices! strongarm and xscale too. read the readme to install it!
ce.net flashplayer mostly working macromedia flashplayer 6.0 for ce.net - xscale only.
msn for cenet this is the winmess ce (msn messenger) for cenet 4.2, made for 900c by TFGBD. full featured and reshacked by me to fit display.
netfront 3.0 it is the earlier version 3.0 of netfront, trial only. for hpc2000 and above, arm version. look for mips below!
netfront 3.0 trial, edited for cenet 4.2.
netfront 3.3 netfront 3.3 trial (not demo preview)! for hpc2000 and maybe ce.net
opera 8.60u2 trial trial version of commercial opera 8.60... tested on 900c (cenet 4.2 only). uses my special patch.
opera 8.5 beta2 opera mobile!! beta demo.. tested on nec 900c, ce.net 4.2 only ...set time back to test. the trial/full 8.6 will not run by default, you need my extra patch or isotherm's.
opera 8.65 beta great for a beta, can even use the macromedia flash 7 on ce.net 4.2. this is 4.2 only, tested on 900c. UPDATE: updated with new beta valid until october
pocketwinc (free version only - the nicest wifi scanner for hpc2000)
pocketwarrior (free wifi scanner)
Ministumbler many people install the wrong version. this is the right one! (arm)
wisbar 104 (not the advanced version, but i'll post it sometime)
tomeraider (trial version)
full CE.NET viewers suite for HPC2000 ARM and above (all the five viewers, word, excel, pdf, powerpoint and image viewers)
remote desktop for arm devices (hpc pro, hpc2000). the hvga version enables you to resize freely the desktop! see screenshots below.
SIP41 software keyboard for ce.net 4.1, thanks to TFGBD
SIP42 software keyboard for ce.net 4.2, thanks to TFGBD. this solves many dialog (when their size is too small) problems on cenet 4.2.
skype one version of skype working on sigmarion 3... very unsorted, i'll experiment more to make a better redist but this should work (maybe the htmlview has to be deleted from it).
widcomm bluetooth driver stack hexed to work. the readme is important. if you need gprs/dun, follow the readme about the needed registry hack.
wordpad42 wordpad for cenet devices missing it! you can even use this on a wm5 ppc instead of crappy word mobile! :)
mui english mui files for cenet 4.2 devices that are not in english so they be made english. read the readme to see what registry entries you need to create. do not use this for sig3, that is 4.1.
evb for cenet this is VB runtime for ce.net devices to run .vb apps. made by TFGBD. one of the dlls is not in the cab so you must manually copy it to \windows, use regsrvce (in flash7 package) to register it.
textmakerfix fix textmaker 2006 typing on nec 900c. run this once after each launch of textmaker.exe. (no good for 2002, look below for that)
textmakerfix2002 fix textmaker 2002 typing on nec 900c. run this once after each launch of textmaker.exe

apps for mips cpu:

adobe acrobat reader 1.0 MIPS adobe acrobat reader 1.0 for MIPS
MIPSviewers  full CE.NET viewers suite for HPC2000 MIPS!)
handbase (trial version)
tomeraider (trial version)
Worldtalk alternative browser for HPC Pro (CE 2.11). MIPS only!
netfront 3.0 for mips hpc2000 (old not supported version, so i put it here)
netfront 3.0 for mips hpc2000 and hpc pro!! (old not supported version, so i put it here)
mips211pdf some pdf viewer for hpc pro mips devices (bonus is doc viewer)!! (i'll get the arm version soon for jornada 820)


shell/gui stuff:

gwesqvgxp enables XP gwes for ce.net 4.2 devices. (will update package later to make it better)
wisbarXPskin_hvga some sample wisbar XP skin... don't remember where i got it (will upload longhorn later)
desktopcol42_limpidce desktop icon background changers for all ce versions from 3.0 to 4.2

packages to hack some locked devices:

first package for mips ce 2.12 for now only mc20b (full device model: Casio MC20-B (vodafone messagecam / toricomail) and casio pocket post pet.

hpc2000 apps and dlls with recreated reloc tables (by me) to run them on ce.net/newer devices:

hpc2000 shell stuff don't know if it is useful but some core shell files from hpc2000.
hpc2000 calc well this didn't need relocs but nice calculator
hpc2000 worldclock and voicerecorder as the link name says...
hpc2000 office 1 hpc2000 office for cenet devices etc!! this is CAB version
hpc2000 office 2 same as above but this is zipped, not CAB, might need some extra (nothing unusual) hacking for some devices (might need imgdecmp.dll or riched20.dll or some coredll editing)
inkwriter hpc2000 for cenet devices, inkwriter from hpc2000 (with its dependencies)

drivers (arm, mips): so far just the ones most commonly asked for...

widcomm for hpc2000 ONLY bluetooth driver stack hexed to work on hpc2000 ARM. the readme is important. if you need gprs/dun, follow the readme about the needed registry hack.
widcomm for cenet 4.2 unpatched cabs should work on my newer custom roms for nec 900c. for other devices there is a hexed cab, and copy the included dlls from the hpc2000 widcomm package
prism best cab for hpc2000 arm with my cards. also, cenet arm version included. - your card may be different!
agere best lucent-orinoco-agere driver for hpc2000 arm, cenet arm version included too
spectec SDIO wifi driver hacked for cenet 4.1.
socketcom bluetooth hpc2000 this is the rev F driver for hpc2000 (will work for other revs too)
ABB driver ABB keyboard driver for jornada 7xx. (i.e. european/international english.) recreated from a dumped dll!! :)
more keyboard drivers ACY, ABE, AC4 keyboard drivers for jornada 7xx. (i.e. swedish, spanish, brazil.) recreated from dumped dll's!! :) i didn't fully test them, i own no matching keyboards but they seemed to work ok on my ABB keyboard.
new: ABF keyboard driver - french keyboard driver for jornada 7xx. i don't remember if i tested this one (on my ABF keyboard) so be ready for hard reset just in case (in that case please notify me)!

pics section
(old) finally, some screenshots and photos if you want to see what a HPC is like :)
again you can find here only those that i have already posted for someone.

longhorn skin what can wisbar do?
rdp what is rdp like and how to get firefox working on your hpc? - UPDATE: my apologies as i see this statement caused some people to think it was actually firefox running on the jornada 720. this miracle is achieved by the means of ms terminal server client on the hpc and remote desktop on an xp pro desktop pc. :) basically you can see and use every desktop program on your hpc just like you were sitting in front of your desktop, but the actual resources are on the remote pc. so, RDP (=remote desktop) is really worth checking out, great to use! :)
a nice comparison about my HP Jornada 728, NTT DoCoMo Sigmarion 3 and NEC MP900C, NEC 900 and jornada 728 size comparison,
hpc003, hpc004, 006  my hpcs, psions, etc... (not the whole collection though :) )
blackwin the favourite of one of my friends :)