Geared2003 software packages

***last update: 6th November 2007.***

this page hosts all the software packages that Geared2003 has made so far.
they are made for ARM/MIPS hpc2000 and devices.
i hope you will find this collecttion useful - better hosting service here than on crapidshare, i think. :)
he always includes a great readme in an .rtf file, so read that too please.

packages for all hpc / CE OS'es 2.11+:

hpc media player - great package based on tcpmp that includes more file compatibility and new icons!
versions available for ARM and MIPS (for mips get the version 1.05 below).
UPDATE: better version for 900c! and even more great stuff included.

hpc media player v1.05 same as above but for MIPS too!

packages for hpc2000:

shell modification packages - they make the system look so much more modern - a new joy to use your hpc! cpu independent.
1. XP look v5.0
2. vista look v1.10

office icon package - makes the pocket office suite look so much better. there are two packages for ARM vs MIPS.

english UI translation - if your hpc2000 device is not in english then you can use this!! cpu independent.

full screen flashplayer - for ARM only. based on macromedia flash 6.0.

flashplayer 5 for MIPS - very hard to find!!!

microsoft LIT reader for MIPS - even harder to find!!

ftxbrowser for MIPS - mips version of ftxbrowser, new gui for the built in IE

packages for cenet 4.2.

MMCE Viewer great and very fast image viewer! edited to run on strongarm too (was originally thumb enabled)

shell UI icon package - two versions.
1. royale XP look
2. nostalgia (office style)

QuickStart for 900c neat addons, new start menu etc.!

...and i'm sure there will even be more hosted here if he continues working on stuff :)